Monday, December 27, 2010

5 signs i'm really a grown-up

1. my husband got me 2 nighties & a robe for christmas. (no, not THAT kind of nighty... these are flannel.)

2. i was actually excited about the robe.

3. i hosted 4 family parties in 5 days.

4. i'd rather watch the kids get presents than get anything myself. (& i love presents, so that's saying something.)

5. although i love christmas & look forward to the holidays every year, i heaved a big sigh of relief when it was all over.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

still living the dream

will return after christmas. this week is too freaking crazy for me to take the time to form even semi-coherent sentences. until then, here are some christmasy pictures of the kids.

merry christmas everyone! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

random thoughts, bullet style

- am debating painting a wall in the boys' room. & possibly all of emmie's room as well. her room is already painted a light shade of brown, with a darker brown zebra print painted border in the middle of the wall, left over from the weird people we bought the house from. (it's not as hideous as it sounds, & could even be cute, but it's just not very fun for a little girl's room.) i know if i push the issue, N will charge thru it all in a weekend (he's like that with home improvement stuff), but i'm thinking i may wait til after the holidays.

- my brother is supposed to come visit next week. this is cool, bc he is super fun & i'd love to see him & have the kids meet him. (he's seen the boys twice & never met em. he just doesn't come home ever & i don't want to take the babies to stay at his apartment with his evil ex-girlfriend, so visits are sporadic at best.) this is also not cool, bc the prospect of seeing her baby boy makes my mom go temporarily insane. until he is back in illinois, life will revolve around him & she somehow always seems a bit miffed that the rest of us (me, my dad, N) aren't similarly enraptured. don't get me wrong, i love the guy & i'll be glad to see him, i'm just not looking forward to the daily rehashings of everything he says, ate, wore & looked at. no, i'm not bitter. why do you ask? :P

- & speaking of visitors, N's folks are coming down for the day sometime the week after christmas. (heaves sigh.) i don't know why, but they just aren't comfortable people, & no matter what we do in an effort to make them comfortable it's never enough. so i've given up & now just do what i'd do for any other visitor, & N has decided to throw money (or at least expensive gifts) at them. i guess the theory is they'll appreciate the expense if not the effort? who knows.

- i am going to finish binding this blanket (yes, it's still the same blanket i already blogged about) before i start my new project. which i am much more excited about. have i mentioned how lame binding is? bc it's pretty lame. the thing is, it's not hard & it goes pretty quick once i'm started. i just have some sort of mental block when it comes to finishing edges. i may have to invest in a cheap sewing machine, just so i can quit binding by hand.

- em is still taking about 3 hours to go down for the night. i remember the boys going through this too, & it lasted for months. luckily i seem to be learning to function well with much less sleep however, & my anti-CIO policy remains firm.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

just call me suzy homemaker.

(really, when did i get so domestic? 5 years ago, i would NEVER have believed i'd turn into a cook-from-scratch, quilting, mini-van queen of suburbia. if my old firm could see me now, i'm not sure they'd recognize me. actually, they'd pry point & laugh. whatever. they're all soul-less corporate bloodsuckers anyways.)

& on to the substance of the post:
- i have decided that binding quilts is NOT my thing. it's a necessary evil, but i think this part is where i would give in & use a sewing machine. if i had one. i finally got the right color thread to finish the blankie i'm making for one of the dudes, but binding is sooo lame & tedious. sigh.
- i tried making bread for the first time the other day & it came out AWESOME. (yeah, i'm bragging. sorry.) N liked it so much he didn't believe i had actually made it. i'm planning a repeat for tonight, & i have to say, there is something really pleasant about raw bread dough. it's warm, it smells all yeasty & it's fun to punch down. seriously, it's a good time. i highly recommend it. :)
- i am *almost* done christmas shopping. & in a real shocker, for once i actually know what i want to get for every single person left on my list. that never happens & it makes me pretty happy to actually go finish shopping instead of dreading the slog through the super-crowded stores. being prepared for once is making me feel all festive. now if only i could get N to turn on the christmas lights outside...


we're at 117 folks! starting to wonder if i'll get back to my pre-preggo weight after all...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

sunday soup & sleepless babies

em is totally protesting any nap that does not include mama today. sigh.
she's not crying, so i'm letting her work it out for now. which likely means she will sleep little to not at all this afternoon. which in turn will make for a looooong evening.
we've been going thru some super fun sleep regression with the little miss as well. i went from having a great sleeper, to a little monkey who will NOT pass out before 11, no matter how tired she is, & then wakes oh, say, every 3 hours or so all night long. this has been going on for 2 weeks now. we have a nice quiet nighttime routine already in place, so i'm just persevering in hopes that she will eventually rediscover the joys of sleep. maybe i'll try throwing a warm bath in at night & see if that helps knock her little baby self into dream land.

the kids & i made a trip to the local kroger's this morning for onions, (i have a really yummy lentil soup planned for tonight & onions are not optional), & i was reminded once again why i hate shopping on sundays. playing grocery cart chicken with upity ladies in church hats while toting 3 babies & enjoying odd leers from men in their purple pin-striped sunday best is not that cool. altho the kids were all good as gold, & we got the required onions.

my folks will be over for dinner tonight, since they're just getting back from up north, & they never have any food in their fridge. plus, my mom is dying to see her grandbabies after a whole week (gasp!) away from them.

& that's my sunday in a nutshell. how's yours?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like christmas...

as promised, some pics of our christmas ornament project. (& a random shot of em, bc she refuses to be left out of anything, so i guess that goes for the blog too.) we have the guys painting the ornaments in progress, our paper ornaments hanging on the tree, (including some paper cranes i folded out of the boys' random scribble papers that i can't bring myself to recycle), & the guys "helping" hang them.

& in random other news-- i recently found this blog & love it. i don't know the woman at all, but dig her writing & LOVE the recipes. go check it out!
a half baked life

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tis the season...

i feel so broken & tired. i'm sure i'm taking it out on N, & i am trying not to, but it's pry better to be a jerk to him than to the babies.

in better news- the guys & i made our christmas ornaments this year. i was worried about things like metal hooks & glass balls, etc, & my mom had the brilliant idea to do paper ornaments. so i bought some tag board, had the kids finger paint/sticker/color all over it & then cut out circles, punched holes & strung them on ribbon to hang on our tree. it's surprisingly cute, & totally baby safe. so far the dudes are loving putting up the "ornaments" & taking them down again, & since the tree isn't totally off-limits the desire to mess with it (& potentially knock it over) faded rapidly. i love art projects with the guys. :)

(i'll post some pictures of the tree when i get a chance to upload.)