Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a list, bc it's easy

i have been an absent blogger & a lame commenter lately. i still read & need to get back into the swing of things, bc blogging is no fun without the interactive part.
so as not to challenge myself too much, we're running with a list today. (apologies!)
- i hurt. my hips hurt, my back hurts, my ankles hurt & it's all keeping me from sleeping. not counting getting up to pee, i woke up 10 times between 1030pm & 5 am last night bc something hurt bad enough to wake me. i haven't been this uncomfortable sleeping since i had the twins.
- i am tired. combined with the not sleeping well, the doc tells me i have low iron & despite taking extra supplements for a week now, i feel not a bit different. my hobbies/friends/house are all suffering, bc i try to reserve my stores of patience & energy for the 3 little hoodlums & occasionally my husband.
- meat grosses me out lately. actually food in general is super unappealing unless it's ice or covered in frosting. (i know ice isn't food. it's still all i want to eat.)
- our christmas decorations are up & the kids are loving it. this is the first year i haven't had to fight N to get everything up. when he saw how much the kiddos loved christmas lights, he went out & bought loads more. so we are now "that" house on our street & i love it.
- chunk, our long-suffering toothless-wonder cat, is slowly recovering from surgery on his ear (tumors-- they removed part of his ear canal.) his weight has been up & down, & we just had his thyroid checked. N is convinced he's on his way out. i say he has at least 5 good years left. we're devoted to our critters & it sucks when they're sick.
- we got our first snow last night. (maybe an inch.... barely enough to call snow, but it was still cool.)
- i am almost done christmas shopping & am kind of excited about it.

sorry for the whiney list. i'm promising myself to suck less the next time i blog.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

early baby blues?

i feel really sad lately that this will be our last child. i know, i'm nuts. we're about to have 4 kids under 3, i know how blessed we are & how insane our house is, but i still feel sad. i know that 4 is enough for us, & that this is a good & responsible place to stop. so i AM on board (mostly) with the plan for a vasectomy, but the thought of not having any more babies to love on really bums me out.
i think it's bc once you're done having kids, (as wonderful & challenging as the parenting process is) you're basically teaching your kids independence & watching them grow away from you. & for this SAHM, that's a seriously depressing thought. although maybe that's why they make the teenage years so hideous, so the leaving process is easier?
after having emma, i was actually at a place where i was ready for a break. i felt good about our little family & thought it would be fun to settle down to the business of raising kids instead of having them, but i'm not there this time. i'm hoping that after a few weeks of newborn hell i'll be back in that place & be able to feel wholely positive about our decision not to have any more kids. or maybe this is just holiday nostalgia & pregnancy hormones talking & i really am nuts.

Friday, November 25, 2011


i bought funfetti cupcake mix today & am seriosuly considering making them despite the fact i still have a whole pumpkin pie sitting on my counter. i'm pretty sure i haven't made funfetti cupcakes since i was about 10, but the box was drool inducing when i saw it at the store & i couldn't stop myself. i figure i've been eating so much ice instead of food lately that i can afford some awful cupcakes. (yup, ice craving. low iron. taking supplements, still want the ice. go figure.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

a photo post with no pictures

a while ago my mom dropped off this purple courderpy jumper with matching puffed-sleeve reverse-button up top for emma. it had been mine 30 years ago & it cute is a super 1980s kind of way. my brilliant plant for christmas was to get a sears portrait taken of em in the outfit & pair it with a 30yr old sears portrait my mom had done of me in the same outfit. cute idea, right? so we dress up the kids & haul them off to sears after speech today & then spent the next 4 hours in sears photo hell.
usually we do our family photos with the photographer who shot our wedding. she only works in black & white, she doesn't use props etc, & just lets everyone play & move & shoots journalistic-style. i love it, it's very natural & totally un-posed, & also totally not what i needed for this christmas project, hence our first (& only!) venture to sears.
maybe your sears is better, but ours was sucked royally. apparently you need an appointment, they don't use real photographers, (at one point, N had to stop & show our "photographer" how to work her camera so we could finish the shoot.), & have no concept of things like time. we managed to get what we needed, but only after 1 hour of waiting for some one to make us an appointment, 2 hours of wandering the mall, 30 minutes of watching her struggle with a digital camera, & another 30 minutes of waiting for her to "process" our photos.
(did i mention that by the time we got the pictures done, emma had cut her lip, conrad had candy cane in his hair & val had a mysterious bruise appear on his forehead? yeah.... at least the photos will look realistic. we also let emma wear her skull print leggings in the photos. it just wouldn't have been "emma" without them.)
on the plus side, while we were in sears photo limbo, we stopped to see santa & the kids got to spend a half hour running around santa's village like they owned the place. (santa loved cops & his wife loved kids, so we were golden.) & we got a really cute picture of all 3 on santa's lap & all 3 smiling! (if you have more than one child, then you know what an achievement this is!)
everyone missed nap & i deserted daddy with the super cranky hoard as soon as we got done to go take a much overdue glucose test. usually drinking a cup full of horrible glucola & sitting still for an hour by myself is torture. today it was like a gift from the gods.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

dinosaur eggs!

the dudes are super into dinosaurs, so for one of our projects this week, i made some dinosaur eggs for the kids to hatch. we hid them around the yard & collected them, & then hatched our eggs. all 3 of them loved helping the baby dino out of the egg & it was a fun way to talk about eggs in nests & the way some animals grow from eggs.

i used this recipe for coffee dough to make the eggs:
2 1/2 c. flour
2 1/2 c. coffee grounds
1c. salt
1 c. sand

mix it all together with just enough water to bind the dough & form it around whatever little critter you're hatching.
we saved up our coffee grounds for a couple days, & i used craft sand, but i'm guessing any dry dirt would work fine. ours took about a week to dry totally, & they dried surprisingly hard. i liked that, as it made the kids really think about how to open them. (we tried kicking, stomping, throwing, & hitting with a little hammer... cracking the eggs was pry the best part!) i actually think these would make fun party gifts for a birthday or something too.
the kids all seem to be less psycho when we have daily "projects", so i've been trying to come up with different activities for us & this one was a big hit. next up i think will be homemade bird feeders (of the pinecone/peanut butter variety.)