Monday, January 2, 2012

it's my party & i can cry if i want to.

ok, so it's not so much a party as a blog, but whatever.
i am beyond glad there is a definite end date for this pregnancy. only 6 days left (i don't count today or the day of), & if it were any longer, i think i would be spending most of my days in tears. i have NEVER been so uncomfortable, including when i was carrying the twins, & then i had separated ribs. (although then i was also on bedrest & not chasing 3 little hoodlums around. don't get me wrong, i wouldn't want to be in the same situation again, i'm just saying-- it's easier to be miserable when you don't HAVE to function. 3 kids requires a functioning mom no matter what i feel like.)
N has been working non-stop, & will be right up until the 9th. i am exhausted, i hurt, & i'm sick of useless contractions, random nausea, obnoxious bouts of diarrhea & constant hip & back pain.
i've been relying on my mom to come help with the kiddos the past few days, mostly bc i want them to have fun this week, since it's their last "normal" week for a while. they're all old enough to stress about a new baby & no one is used to having mom gone for as long as i'll have to be in the hospital, so i really want them to have a normal, fun week & not lay around & watch sesame street all day (which is pretty much all i'm up for flying solo, & all i'll be up for once i get home for a while. i hate c-section recoveries.)
so we played in the snow this morning. the guys discovered snow balls & snow men, & emma discovered the difficulties of falling down in a snow suit. i'm counting on still-new christmas toys to help entertain us all this afternoon, & a heating pad to keep me functioning til bedtime.
6 more days. i can do this.

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  1. Sending love and light for these last few days ... I hope you can find some comfortable position for yourself as you wait for this amazing little blessing to arrive!