Tuesday, January 3, 2012

losing it

why are all these famous people suddenly doing weight loss commercials? i just saw 3 in a row-- jennifer hudson, janet jackson & mariah carey. all pushing weight loss plans. & know it's new year resolution time & all, but geez.
not to knock the plans if they work but my personal weight loss plan for this new year is to nurse the weight off! pretty sure that wouldn't make a very tv-friendly commercial, although i do wish women took a more relaxed approach to weight loss after baby. no matter how much you gain, it takes 9 mos to put it all on, so why on earth would you think it would come off in 2 months? it took me 6 months to not feel chubby after emma, & another 5 months after that to be at a weight i was happy with. granted, that was a slow weight loss, but i tend to gain quite a bit when pregnant & prefer to lose without suffering. most of us don't have personal trainers, personal chefs, or 3 hours a day to spend at the gym, so why beat your self up if it takes a bit longer to lose the weight?

(i say this all with the caveat that i'm sure i will at some point be bummed out & complain about the residual tummy-squish that will take months to disapear. i'm only human, after all!)

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  1. huh... that is kinda odd. I agree that women should relax more about losing weight post-baby. But our society is obsessed with looks, and part of that obsession is the "perfect weight." bleh.